Gestalt and Social Change

This workshop aims to combine emotional and social-political awareness by applying Gestalt therapy and Gestalt awareness practice.


  • *Crucial topics
  • *Gestalt theory
  • *Gestalt principles
  • *Socio-political phenomenology
  • *Gestalt awareness practice
  • *Chair work
  • *Art therapy
  • *Sharing awareness in the group

When: 1 session per month, every first Monday

Starting date: 4 of February

Duration : 3 hours per session

Max. participants per session: 6

Cost: 40 euro

Who: Gestalt therapists and students, as well anyone interested to explore social change under the guidance of Gestalt therapy.

13 Crucial Topics that will be explored through theory and personal experience:

*In every session we start with an awareness check-in and we close with an awareness check-out*

1st: The sociopolitical side of Gestalt therapy.
What is social change for each of us?

2nd: How does each of us want to see social change in the world?

3rd: What do we want to change in this world?

4th: What does power stand for in our world and how does each of us experience it?

5th: What does money stand for in our societies and what relationship does each of us having with it?

6th: What is solidarity as a practice on our global planet, and what is our personal experience with it?

7th: What is trust as a feeling and practice in our everyday lives?

8th: How is commitment an experience that we offer and receive in this world?

9th: How is freedom a feeling, choice, and state of being for each person?

10th: What is love towards oneself and others according to each one's experience?

11th: How do we experience respect in our everyday life?

12th: What is a community according to each person's experience?

13th: What is self-organization at the personal and group level?


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